11 July 2018.  We love this beautiful image of freshly picked fruit with our Black Herringbone Kitchen Cloth.  

In all honesty, it's up for debate exactly which fruit appears in this picture.  It could be cherries, cherry tomatoes, or plums.  We're not entirely sure.  

So, we'd like to share three easy and delicious summer recipes to suit each of these options.

Michael Ruhlman's Pasta with Fresh Tomato Sauce

Rustic Plum Tart

Cherry Buttermilk Clafoutis

Extra Credit Reading: 3 Ways to Pit Cherries Without a Cherry Pitter

Happy summer cooking! 

01 July 2018.  What's your favorite meal to eat outside?  Morning coffee in a sunny spot on the patio?  Sunset refreshments on the porch?  Dinner under the stars in the backyard?  We'll take all of the above during our short but sweet New England summers.  

Bringing all of the provisions outdoors however, requires assistance.  Our lovely and practical linen coated trays are at the ready.  Available in three sizes, these trays come in many of the same patterns as our kitchen and table linens.  

We're loving the combination of fresh figs, cheese, and crackers on the natural and grey thin white stripe pattern trays pictured above in size small.  

For more inspiration on what to put on your tray, Becky Krystal's article on building the ultimate cheese board (or tray as the case may be) will come in handy for sure.   
And this book, Platters and Boards: Beautiful Spreads for Every Occasion by Shelly Westerhausen, is full of beautiful ideas for bringing your meals outdoors.

26 June 2018. We're excited to see the evolution of miiThaaii, Fog Linen founder Yumiko Sekine's newer collection of clothing and accessories.  Launched in 2017 as a developing brand under the aegis of Fog Linen Work, miiThaaii made its debut focusing on products made of 100% checked cotton lungi material from India.  While these materials and shapes still influence the collection, 2018 introduces  blocks of vibrant color with each item individually garment dyed in Japan. The resulting fabric is rich in color, soft, and breathable--perfect for summer weather.

Here at Shop Fog Linen, we will be offering miThaaii clothing in the form of a limited collection online pop-up shop.  There will not be a re-stock, but we are always able to special order an item for you. We hope you will enjoy this special limited collection!

20 June 2018.  Summer is moments away and we are enjoying the longer days!  But when it's finally time to hit the hay, we depend on the naturally cool fiber of linen to keep us comfortable on hot summer nights.  Know for its breathability, moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties linen is a great choice for summer.

As we switch out the winter bedding for something more summery, we are super excited to introduce our new gray white stripe linen pillow cases and duvet covers.  This pattern has always been one of our favorites!  It's exclusive to SFL, and we are delighted that we can now make our beds with it. 

Add one of our cotton or chambray stripe linen blankets , pictured above, and your summer bedding is all set.

15 June 2018.  Our summer clothing collection has landed and our favorite design feature is something simple, yet essential.  Pockets! 

Designer, Yumiko Seikine has added pockets to this summer's pants, skirts and dresses and we couldn't be happier.  Whether it's that collection of shells we picked up at the beach, or some loose change to buy a treat from the ice cream truck, we need someplace quick and easy to stash the little stuff.  

We're loving the simple side pockets on the Alison pants and the Martha pants.  And a dress with pockets?  What could be better?  You'll find them tucked along the side on the Steph dress, the Susanna dress, the Debi dress and the Emelie dress, just to name a few.  

We hope you'll find these pockets as handy as we do.

1 June 2018.   It's almost summertime around these parts, which means farmer's markets, local fruits and vegetables, and meals that are bursting with fresh flavors.  We're ready to dust off our favorite summer recipes and start cooking!

Recently, this recipe for fresh corn chowder via Erin Boyle's blog, Reading My Tea Leaves caught our eye.  Using summer corn, green peppers, scallions, chives, vidalia onions and a dash of smoked paprika, this soup is one we'll be trying out as soon as we see that first ear of corn at the farmer's market.  

And while we're cooking, we're keeping our trusty linen kitchen cloths on hand to help with cleaning up any mess we may make in the process.  We're partial to the Jenn pattern pictured here.  You can find our Jenn kitchen cloths and napkins in the kitchen and table sections of our shop.

Photo credit: Erin Boyle 

29 April 2018. Details can get a bad rap. They have been called the enemy of simplicity and accused of blinding us from seeing the whole picture. Henry David Thoreau even claimed that our lives could be "frittered away by details."

Over here, we like details. In fact, we rely on them. With so many things vying for our attention, it's the details that set something apart. When we pause to study the stitching n a coat or appreciate a clever design element, we are momentarily quiet and thoughtful, drawn away from the big picture. When we return, the big picture has become a little bit more colorful and rich. 

Many of our tried-and-true pieces have become standbys because of their highly functional details, like our duvet covers' interior ties that keep your puff in place, the gusset snaps on the Themis tote that make the bag roomy or slim to match its contents, and the cotton loop on all Fog kitchen cloths for easy hanging and drying.

Recently, we've been drawn in by details in our clothing, like the gathered was on the Adeline pant and the flared sleeve of the Carla shirt, both of which add nuance to items that fit in easily with the everyday. the Emilia shirt's abundance of delicate pleating gives an ethereal, truly poetic quality to the garment and its wearer.

The thread connecting all of these details, old and new, is that they add without distracting. What they contribute never compromises a core simplicity and functionality. With such smart components, who can argue with the details being as essential as the big picture? We certainly won't be putting up a fight.

15 April 2018. Now that Spring is on its way (fingers crossed!) we are putting away our wool sweaters and breaking out the linen we love wearing and using in warmer weather. 

We like starting fresh each season and thought we’d share our best tips on giving your linen clothing and housewares the attention they deserve when you put them back into rotation for the season.

Proper care of your linens will extend their life and allow you to enjoy them longer.  Linen can be hand-washed or machine washed.  If using a machine, it’s best to wash with like colors at temperatures no higher than 30 degrees C / 86 degrees F.  Drying on a line is always the best approach, but if you must use a drying machine, tumble dry on a low setting.  Never wash or dry linen with high heat. 

And while we like our linen casually rumpled, here are some pro tips on getting a smoother look.

Smoothing linen straight from the line or dryer with your hand will render its textures socially acceptable.  It’s really just a matter of what you are comfortable with.  If using and iron, a medium to medium-high setting will have you smooth in a jiffy. 

Here’s a link to what other fabric care experts have to say about spring cleaning.

And if you have access to a space to dry your linen outside, here’s a nice round-up of folding wooden drying racks:

Now here’s hoping for some sunshiney weather so you can don your newly refreshed linen scarf or blouse and pack up your linen tablecloth for a picnic in the nearest park.   

4 April 2018. The Spring cleaning bug is approaching. We can feel it looming even if it did just snow here a day ago. The daffodils and early tulips persist though and we look forward to throwing open the windows and giving our home a really good once over.  Whew... another Winter under the belt. 
One of the more satisfying tasks generally involves a good closet purge/tidying up and we're finding these new-ish mango wood hangers to be a beautiful part of that chore. While their profile is slim and space-saving, they can still take the weight of a heavier jacket, dress, or pant. Win-win! 
What does your Spring cleaning ritual involve? Do you have a 'go-to' tidying up guru who you check in with? If you're looking for inspiration, we encourage you to visit Erin Boyle's blog Reading my Tea Leaves. She offers the most wonderful suggestions and, more importantly, achievable solutions.  Happy Spring.

22 March 2018. As Spring makes its (very) slow entry, our mind wanders to warmer days and al fresco dining with friends and family. Our old picnic table in the back never looks better than when it's dressed with a fresh linen tablecloth. The everyday task of just eating is suddenly more special and we think to ourselves, 'why don't we do this more?'. It'll come.  It will come.
In the meantime, we'll enjoy this image by Jenny Hallengren of our Jenn tablecloth and delicious looking raspberry muffins.  We did a little searching for you and have found an equally delicious recipe from Sam at Wholesome Patisserie.
Vanilla raspberry muffins--try it out and let us know how you made out.  And then bring some over to share will ya?