4 December 2018.  Have a kid that likes to cook or wants to try it out?  Why not tie on an apron and head for the kitchen?  Homemade treats make wonderful holiday gifts and we love giving kids a chance to make something for their teachers, friends, grandparents, or anyone on their holiday list.    

Yes, it might get messy, but the results will be worth it.  Giving children confidence in the kitchen is a gift in itself!

Start out simple...no need to re-create a Great British Baking Show challenge.

Here are a few easily baked favorites that kids and parents can get behind:

Chewy Molasses Cookies

Hazelnut Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies

Earl Grey Shortbread Cookies

And did we mention we think aprons make great gifts as well?

Check out our full selection of aprons for the whole family.

Happy holiday baking!

20 November 2018.  When I remember my grandmother and her cooking, I always picture her in an apron, for she never cooked without one.  She passed her formidable cooking skills along to my mother, and in turn, her habit of wearing an apron.  

In spite of this, when I began cooking, it didn't occur to me to wear an apron.  This was a huge oversight, and many favorite articles of clothing were splattered with tomato sauce, olive oil, and various other substances that never came out in the wash.  I'm not sure when I realized that an apron would solve this problem, but one day I happened across a linen apron in a small shop and had the sense to buy it.  A full apron in natural linen, it was practical but not too matronly.  It was not my mother's or my grandmother's apron, but it fit me to a T and years later I continue to wear it everyday in my kitchen. In fact, I can't cook without it.  

Often when cooking, I think of my grandmother, her aprons, and her wonderful recipes.  This season I'll be making her corn pudding, and her pecan pie, while my mother will make her apple pie and her famous dinner rolls.  And we will be tying on our aprons, preserving both our clothing and our memories!

If you're looking for an apron to help you out in the kitchen, check out our full selection.  We hope you'll find your perfect match!  And don't forget, our aprons make great gifts for friends and family.  Just saying!

6 November 2018. Holiday season is fast approaching.  Time to set your table!  This year we're not going to get worried about being too formal.   While it's great to follow tradition, it's fun to create new ones as well. 

Not surprisingly, we love setting our tables with linen.  Starting with our linen tablecloths, we build color and texture with our linen napkins, adding flowers and candles if we're feeling fancy. 

For some simple rules on how to go elegant or casual with your place settings, check out The Emily Post Institute's guide for table setting.  

If you're looking for some floral inspiration, this Gardenista DIY is a good place to start.  We also love Foraged Flora by Louesa Roebuck and Sarah Lonsdale*.  

Beeswax candles are our favorite way to light up the table.  If you're local to the Boston area, stop by our sister store, Pod, in Cambridge, MA for a lovely selection of unusual shapes and sizes of beeswax candles from England.  

But as much fun as it is to create a beautiful setting, the most important part of a holiday table (besides the food!) are the people gathered around it.  Enjoying a meal and sharing a sense of community are what make a holiday gathering special.  Here's to wishing you a warm and wonderful celebration wherever you happen to be, and whatever you are celebrating!  

* we carry this book at our brick and mortar sister store, Pod too!  stop by in person to purchase!  

24 October 2018. Looking for a way to up your holiday gathering game?  May we suggest our linen coasters?  Usually the workhorse of summertime gatherings to sop up moisture from sweating glassware, our coasters can do double duty for fall and winter entertaining too.  In colors and patterns ranging from cheerful plaids to elegant whites, we've literally got you (and your surfaces) covered. 

Use these in place of disposable napkins and you've got an eco-friendly way for your guests to set their drinks down safely or even hold a handful of nuts, olives, or any other tasty bite-size tidbit you're serving.  

And while we're on the subject of tasty tidbits, here are a few links to some of our favorite holiday knoshes.

Warmed Spiced Olives

Brined and Roasted Rosemary Chile Almonds

Creamy Cauliflower Dip with Endive for Dipping

Last, but not least, it wouldn't be a celebration without a seasonally inspired beverage!  How about this Cranberry Rosemary Spritzer recipe for a pretty holiday cocktail/mocktail?

Let us know how your party turns out!

16 October 2018.  As the holidays approach our minds are on gift giving.  And along with gift giving comes...gift wrapping! 

We're happy to offer free gift wrapping with your order, so let us know if that's something we can help you with.   

When you place your order on-line, please let us know if you'd like it gift wrapped in the "notes" section of the order form, along with any sentiments you'd like us to include on the gift card. 

We like to keep things simple, so each gift is wrapped in white paper, given a Shop Fog Linen sticker and a bit of gold and white or red twine.  We'll use our best handwriting to add your gift note on one of our Fog Linen postcards.

If you're someone who enjoys wrapping and artfully presenting your gifts yourself, take a peek at our Linen Fabric Tape Set, for a lovely way to use linen to decorate your packages.  For the perfect seasonal gift topper, give our Brass Ornaments a try.  

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the lead-up to this exciting time of year, with one or two less gifts to wrap, since we've got you covered on our end!

5 October 2018.  The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer, and while many of us are lamenting the loss of summer and sunlight, let's just take a moment to think about the advantages of chilly, dark, evenings.

1.  Let's hear it for cozy.  Light a candle, cook something comforting, and set your table with some pretty linens.  Then make some tea or your favorite cocktail, put on some comfy clothing and embrace the chance to slow down and relax.  

2.  Read a book.  Could be something long and challenging that you read a smidgin of each night.  Or something light or cheery to lift your spirits. We like seeing what's new to read here.  And here's some inspiration if you need help choosing a tried and true classic.  Then take a visit to your local library or favorite independent bookstore and see what's on offer.  

3.  Take a walk.  Looking at the night sky in fall and winter is a treat.  Bundle up and get out there.  Even a quick spin around the block in crisp evening air can help to clear your head of the fall and winter blues.  You might just catch the moon on the rise.  

4.  Check out what life is like for those who live above the Arctic Circle. Perspective!


26 September 2018.  We love summer, but honestly, when fall arrives with its crisp air and earthy colors, it feels wonderful to embrace the change of seasons.  

And of course, this is reflected in what we like to cook and eat!  Trading lazy no-cook summer meals for simmering soups and things that need to go in an oven is all part of embracing fall.  

Inspired by this lovely image by Jenny Hallengren of fall mushrooms and our Thick Linen Kitchen Cloth in Black Natural Check, we are dreaming up our version of a perfect fall menu.

Mushroom Soup

Simplest Kale Salad

Grain Bowl with Spiced Squash, Mushrooms and Curried Yogurt

Apple Raisin Cake

In our dreams we are eating this on a fall picnic in the woods, but seated around a warm and cozy table with friends and family works just as well.  

19 September 2018.  This fall we're introducing some new characters around here. Meet our new shoe, and our new love, the RAKU Babush.  As you can see, she's elegant and simple, and gets along perfectly with our Fall clothing lineup.

A leather, slipper-like shoe with a natural crepe sole and a brass cone / leather fringe detail, the Babush is suitable for both casual and formal occasions. 

The Babush comes with an interesting back story as well.  RAKU founder Miki Nagamine created her line of shoes as a tool to enrich one's life. After making moccasins in Tokyo, she moved to Mexico where she began RAKU, a name derived from the Japanese concept of comfort and joy. Each pair is hand-made with high quality vegetable tanned leather and production is done with great respect for the materials and the earth.

We are thrilled to be carrying the RAKU brand here at Shop Fog Linen and are so pleased to be introducing our customers to Babush!  We hope you'll love her as much as we do.

27 August 2018.  The air is getting crisper, the days a bit shorter, and fall is on the horizon.  This autumn we are introducing some beautiful new colors into our clothing line.  Shades of burnt orange, deep berry red, raisin, olive, and a navy and white pinstripe that harkens back to haberdashery of days gone by, are all a part of this autumn's color palette.

Beautiful on their own, and stunning when combined, as in the above photo of the Luisa tunic with the Lidia wrap dress, we hope you'll enjoy a bright shot of color this fall as much as we do.  

Along with new colors, we're offering some new silhouettes that have an artistic, painterly feel about them.

We can't wait to wear the peasant blouse-inspired Maria top with its lovely gathered neckline and tailored cuffs.  

We're also loving the elegant long Stacy skirt, offered in four gorgeous new colors for fall: Carmin, Crevette, Praline, and Erica.

And the simple and classic Romina shirt with its tuxedo front placket will perfectly compliment your favorite pair of jeans all season. 

Top it off with the Mara coat, offered in both Green Herringbone  and Black and your fall wardrobe is complete!


24 August 2018.  After a summer of wearing sandals and going barefoot our feet need some pampering.  Our linen slippers and floor mats are just the thing!  

Breathable linen and luxe leather bottoms make these slippers perfect for cruising around the house. Simple, functional, and comfortable, the sizing is unisex, M or L. 

And we've just gotten a new shipment of linen floor mats!  Fog once again takes its seasonal remnant tapes and knits up one heck of floor mat. We love it as a bath mat, but it would also be perfect bed-side.  Each mat is unique and while we cannot promise a particular color-way, we think you'll love each and every one as much as we do.  

Your feet will thank you!