27 September 2016. Every year, a box arrives at the shop that looks perfectly normal, cardboard and scuffed from travel. But this box is different from all other boxes. It's full of calendar cloths, the once-yearly, limited edition cloths that arrive to a waiting list and our collective bated breath. Though the kitchen cloth is the workhorse of the kitchen, the calendar cloth can live as a casual wall hanging, clipped to a piece of twine or pinned to the wall throughout the year. Each cloth features an artist's unique design that conjures a mood or sentiment to usher in the new year. On one cloth, an artist (Japanese architect Wataru Ohashi) breaks down the steps of baking through playful drawings and captions (Baking). On another, Scandinavian printmaker and textile artist Lotta Jansdotter's flowing branches quietly frame the calendar's months. Each cloth offers a snapshot into the simplicity of day to day life, reminding us to live well and mind the passing of each day. At the end of the year, the calendar cloth can continue to hang on the wall or it can have a Cinderella moment, changing back to a workaday cloth.

*Cat and yarn calendar cloth by Wataru Ohashi.

20 September 2016. People coming into our brick and mortar shop will often find something they like and ask, "What's it for?" It could be a napkin or a throw, but whatever it is, it certainly has multiple lives and uses. Take a kitchen cloth. We can't tell you how many gifts we've hidden in the folds of a linen kitchen cloth, securing it with a piece of ribbon or washi tape. Aside from being reusable gift wrap, it's a lovely add-on for your giftee. A kitchen cloth also subs in nicely as a napkin if you want just a little more lap coverage. At the shop, we use kitchen cloths as placemats during lunch break and keep them in the bathroom as light hand towels. Such a simple thing, but it really gets around! Live with linen everyday, and be surprised by how much life you can get out of your linen.

*image: kitchen cloth in Peter plaid by jenny hallengren

09 September 2016. 92 degrees, 44% humidity. Those numbers don't suggest the approach of Fall, but we've been thinking about Fall for months. Though we try to move with the seasons (read: consuming lots of ice cream over the last few months), we're also thinking ahead about the colors and textures that we'll want in the shop as the weather gets colder. The arrival of Fog Linen's fall collection convinces us that colder times are approaching - and maybe that's ok. Soon, we'll be tugging on thick socks to cushion our feet inside winter boots and layering soft under warm. We often marvel as the light changes and the sun sets earlier. It might be cold outside, but the pinks and oranges in the sky remind us hat color is everywhere, if not growing on trees or popping out of the ground. We like the plaids coming out of Fog's fall collection - the inky blue crossed with olive of the Scott plaid and the smaller squares of navy and oatmeal in the Bobby plaid. On the knee length Aneri skirt, the plaids add life to the fabric in the ways that the sky's shifting shades bring life to a Fall afternoon. 

*image: full apron in Scott plaid by jenny hallengren

19 February 2016. Often people will ask, what's the difference between the Fog Linen Work and FLW label. It's pretty simple, Fog Linen Work is design solely by its founder Yumiko Sekine, while FLW is a line designed for Fog by Rieko Ohashi--a stylist, designer, and overall talented spirit in her own right. We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to direct a photoshoot for this season's FLW line and would love to share the highlights here.  We are only hopeful they live up to Rieko's standards.  A huge thank you goes out to our team: Sadie Dayton on photography, wardrobe styling by Joji Goto, hair/makeup by Mariolga Nido Pantazopoulos, and Andrea our model. Ohhh, cannot forget the shoe loans!  Thank you to Bon and to Laura Schoorl for loaning some awesome footwear--you're the best.


11 February 2016. It's an arctic mid-February here at the shop. We'll be taking a bit of a winter break and will close our bricks and mortar February 14th-23rd. BUT, it will be business as usual online and all orders will be filled during this timeframe. There are lots of new spring items arriving like this amazing linen tray collaboration between Fog and Coral & Tusk. We'll be updating you all with regular emails so if you're not on our list, please be sure to let us know and we will hook you up straight away. Stay warm and happy sledding.

19 December 2015. We've extended our hours and have broken down the Open and Closed days below.

December 20th: Noon-5p
December 21-23: 11a-6p
December 24: 11a-4p
Closed: December 25-28
December 29-30: 11a-6p
December 31: 11a-3p
Closed: January 1-5

*Orders placed by December 21st at 1pm will arrive by December 24th-USA Domestic
**No shipments will be made December 25-28

We will resume our Winter Hours on January 6th: Wednesday - Saturday 11a -6p

Above all, we want to wish you all a very safe and happy and peaceful holiday and new year. Thank you so much for all of your support, smiles, and high-fives. It truly never gets old.  

Oh, and one more thing. We couldn't end our holiday season without thanking Gemma Hart Ingalls for allowing us to use her wonderful snowy image for our gift wrap. Please be sure to check out more of Gemma's work here. Thank you, Gemma. You have calmed and smiled more than you know. XOX

29 January 2015. You wouldn't know it from looking out our window, but spring is right around the corner. Many of our goods have been photographed by Jenny Hallengren in Sweden for Catalogue 26—which will be all about the next season when hope springs eternal and April showers bring May flowers and a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of linen.

8 October 2014. Something we’re excited to share: Two new comforter cover styles in black herringbone and white seersucker. Photographed here, by the way, by Dallas Raleigh. See the whole family of duvets (with matching pillow cases) here

23 September 2014. A change of leaves means a change of sleeves—and Shop Fog Linen's got you covered with new clothing and colors—and scissors big and small! (We realize that last one was sort of a non sequitur, but do you know how hard it is to work scissors into a post about fall?) 

17 March 2014. The first day of spring is coming—so we're going to open a new store! Join us at 35 Sacramento Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts [map] where we'll team up with Pod for brick-and-mortar retail. See, touch, and try-on everything you see on our site plus get some classic favorites from Pod. Our first day of business is Thursday, March 20—the first day of spring. We open at 11 am, close at 6pm and will be open Thursday through Saturday. (Normal days of business will be Wednesday through Saturday.) We can't wait to see you there!